FREE Diet & Lifestyle Nutrition Consultations

As part of the BCNH 20th anniversary celebrations, we would like to share the expertise of our graduates with members of the public who may not normally benefit from their services.

Therefore, we are offering FREE diet and lifestyle consultations / coaching to 20 individuals who are on a low income, who have health issues and are willing / motivated to change and improve their life.

We believe in personalised nutrition advice, designed for your individual needs and circumstances, is most effective.

What we are offering:

Three consultations (online) over a period of three months

A BCNH qualified nutritional therapist will analyse your current diet and lifestyle and give you recommendations according to your personal needs.  You will have three sessions with your nutritional therapist, allowing you to discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments.

At the end of the 3rd month we will email you a feedback form to help us assess the effectiveness of our project.

Who can apply?

  1. Each applicant must provide proof of their low-income status – e.g. proof of Universal Credit, etc.
  2. Each applicant must provide a personal statement (approx. 500 words) explaining their reasons for application, and why in their view nutritional advice may be of benefit

Please email the above to

If your application is successful

  • We will email you a Health Programme Questionnaire (HPQ) and a 5-day food diary to complete
  • Once we receive your completed documents, we will pair you with a suitable Nutritional Therapist

We look forward to hearing from you.

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