Childhood Obesity

We are very proud to announce that our BSc graduate, Anja Sprigford is now officially a published author.  Please read her publication below.

Childhood Obesity – Clinical Approach Aimed at Families

Advances in Obesity, Weight Management & Control, Volume 5 Issue 2 – 2016

Anja Springthorpe, BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy, Dipl BCNH, mBANT


Obesity rates in the United Kingdom are the highest in Europe and projections indicate this trend to continue for the unforeseen future. One out of four adults in the UK is obese and children have not escaped this worrisome trend as almost one in three children in England now are overweight or obese [1]. This epidemic of childhood obesity in the UK poses significant public health concerns now and in the future. The NHS spent £5.8 billion on diet-related ill health in 2005-2006 alone and with ever-rising obesity numbers this figure is likely to soar [2]. In addition to the public cost, childhood obesity also places a huge physical and psychological burden on the child due to significantly increased risk of suffering serious conditions such as type II diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cancers and cardiovascular disease (CVD) all of which contributes to reduced quality of life as well as shorter life span [2].

Further reading: DOI: 10.15406/aowmc.2016.05.00128

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