Academic & Clinical Excellence

Clinical Excellence

We incorporate comprehensive clinical  training based on a functional medicine model.

We have designed our clinical training to provide you with the confidence and skills to become a safe and effective nutrition practitioner who can communicate appropriately with the medical profession.

Academic and Clinical Excellence

Complex Case Study Completion

The NTEC course of study requires a minimum of 15 case studies. The BCNH course, however, provides the opportunity for students to complete approximately 35 complex case studies. These consist of fictional, observational, and role-play studies as well as supervised consultations with real clients.

As part of the real client studies, students will write referral letters to their clients’ GPs in order to practise working with the medical profession.

BCNH Clinical Hours

The core curriculum for nutritional therapy (which must be met for NTEC accreditation) requires a minimum of 70 hours of development and supervision of clinical skills.

Our BSc (Hons) course provides approximately 112 clinical contact hours, comprising of small-group clinical seminars delivered throughout the course and supervised live consultations in the level 6 Clinical Practice modules.

The broad nature of the clinical training, coupled with the continuous development and support for the development of clinical skills, will ensure that you leave the programme feeling confident in your expertise.

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