Academic & Clinical Excellence

Academic Excellence

At BCNH we are passionate about providing our students with the most thorough training to become successful Nutrition Practitioners

BCNH has been a leading provider of nutritional therapy courses for over 20 years.

We are delighted to be able to offer our students a BSc (Hons) Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine validated by the University of Northampton, a UK Government Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Gold University.

The validating panel complimented BCNH on the following areas of good practice:

  • The exceptional structure and content of the programme, which covers a comprehensive variety of topics and assignments, underpinning knowledge, skills and experience, thus ensuring that students are very well prepared for their future careers.
  • The excellent focus on practice and reflection.
  • The involvement of a range of experts in the nutritional therapy field as guest lecturers.

Feedback from our students and External Examiner also highlights the following additional areas in which we excel:

Excellent Student Support – we treat students as individuals, not as numbers. We care about each one of you and ensure that you are supported in every way possible to meet your goals.

Evidence-based training – nutritional research is constantly evolving and being able to critically evaluate studies in this field is a crucial skill for a practicing nutritional therapist. We will build your research skills from the beginning of your studies, starting with how to find and read research and culminating in later years with the ability to critically evaluate studies (Level 6).

Mechanisms – all of our students and graduates associate BCNH with mechanisms! Essentially, this is about understanding ‘why’ or ‘how’ a food or nutrient, for example, may be beneficial or harmful for your client by understanding the physiological processes it can influence in the body.  Knowing your mechanisms is really important in order to be taken seriously by both your clients and fellow health professionals.

Complex Case Study Completion



Clinical training at BCNHThe NTEC course of study requires a minimum of 15 case studies. The BCNH course, however, covers approximately 35 complex case studies. These consist of fictional, observational, and role-play studies as well as supervised consultations with real clients.

As part of the real client studies, students will write referral letters to their clients’ GPs in order to practise working with the medical profession.

Click here to learn more about complex case study completion at BCNH.

BCNH Clinical Hours

The core curriculum for nutritional therapy (which must be met for NTEC accreditation) requires a minimum of 70 hours of development and supervision of clinical skills.

Our BSc (Hons) course provides approximately 112 clinical contact hours, comprising of small-group clinical seminars and supervised live consultations.

The our comprehensive clinical training programme will ensure that you leave the course feeling confident in your clinical skills and expertise.

Click here to learn more about clinical training at BCNH.

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