BCNH Newsletter April 2019

Welcome to our latest edition of the BCNH newsletter, focusing on stress to coincide with Stress Awareness month, which takes place every April. Modern, non-stop lifestyles mean that stress is a huge issue for many people, and something which is very hard to avoid. This issue includes features on the physiological pathways of stress, therapeutic foods and the value of an Adrenal Stress Profile Test. I hope that you find them informative and helpful.

If you’re contemplating a career change into nutritional therapy, but are worried about not having a scientific background, turn to page 10 for an interview with our Science Foundation Course (SFC) lecturer and tutor Sephora Xuereb, which may help address your concerns.

Finally, turn to page 12 for an inspiring read about BCNH graduate Sam Josephs’ trip to Yarra Valley, Australia for an Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis retreat.


Page 3:    BCNH Course Webinar Information & BCNH News

Page 4:    Feature Article – Stress & Therapeutic Foods

Page 8:    Adrenal Stress Profile Testing

Page 10:  An Interview With: Sephora Xuereb

Page 12:  Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Retreat

Page 14:  Stress Themed Quiz

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