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College Principal, Head of Education, Programme Leaders and Administrator

BCNH Team-Breda Gajsek

Breda Gajsek PgCert

BCNH Founder and Principal 

Breda is responsible for smooth running of all aspects of the college and works closely with the Head of Education and Programme Leaders.

Breda completed a 3-year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) in 1995. Her nutrition career started at ION where she first worked as an academic tutor. She was then promoted to the post of Senior Tutor and finally Head of Education. Breda completed a Postgraduate Certificate course in Nutritional Therapy at Worcester University in 2008. Her passion remains researching the latest discoveries in nutrition and writing articles for the BCNH Blog.

In 2000, Breda formed her own college, BCNH College of Nutrition & Health. The college was created from her passion for nutrition and for high quality education and since its foundation, Breda has worked tirelessly to promote the integration of personalised nutrition advice into orthodox medicine.

BCNH Team-Beverley Shergold

Beverley Shergold MSc BA (Hons) DipBCNH mBANT

Head of Education & Year 3 Programme Leader

Beverley is responsible for all academic issues related to the Level 4, 5 & 6 of the BSc and Diploma programmes and, as such, she oversees all academic tutors and the Programme Leaders. Beverley works closely with all team members, including the University of Greenwich and University of Northampton staff. Beverley also has a very close working relationship with the College Principal, with whom she is constantly liaising to maintain and improve educational standards.

Beverley graduated from the University of Plymouth with a BA (Hons) in International Business with French, and spent several years afterwards travelling and working in the United States as a nanny. Whilst living in California, Beverley began to develop an interest in food and nutrition, in particular the connection between food and mood. This interest remained and after various jobs in management consultancy and private equity, Beverley decided to enrol on the BCNH Nutritional Therapy Diploma course, graduating in 2005.  After graduation, Beverley worked in clinical practice and began tutoring at BCNH.  Over the years, her role at the college has expanded from Tutor to Programme Leader and Head of Education.  Beverley has also completed an MSc (Distinction) in Workplace Health & Wellbeing with the University of Nottingham.

Meet the tutors supervisors-Kelly

Kelly Tassi MSc DipBCNH mBANT CNHC

Diploma Programme Leader

Kelly is responsible for smooth running of the BCNH Level 5 (Year 2)  and Level 6 (Year 3) of the Diploma course.

After graduating from her first degree in Management Science and Technology, Kelly worked for many years in banks and other financial organisations implementing IT software.

However, after completing an MSc Finance degree at Durham Business School, she developed severe gut issues and suffered from a burnout which have sparked her journey into a healthier diet and lifestyle.  As a result, she resigned from her corporate job and started working in hospitality which allowed her to work more flexible hours in order to be able to study Nutritional Therapy in BCNH. Kelly has recently graduated with distinction the BCNH Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy course and she is now working hard to set up her clinic in London, which she will be specialising in working with busy professionals managing their health concerns and achieving high-performance energy and optimum health. 

Meet the tutors supervisors-Donna

Meet the tutors supervisors-Donna


Donna Harvey

Level 4 BS (Hons) Programme Leader

Donna is responsible for smooth running of the BCNH  Level 4 (Year 1) of the BSc (Hons) course validated by the University of Northampton.

After completing a BA (Hons) degree at the University of Stirling, followed by a Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Donna moved back to her home in Guernsey and spent 8 years there as a teacher.  Wanting a change, and looking for a better work-life balance, she travelled solo for 8 months before returning home and taking up a job in finance.  Having experienced digestive issues since childhood, Donna went to see a nutritional therapist on the advice of her now-husband.  She was impressed to find that a few changes to her diet greatly improved her health and so her passion for nutrition began.  

BCNH Team-Zahra Browne

Zahra Browne BA DipBCNH mBANT CNHC

Clinical Practice Leader

Zahra’s role as Clinical Practice Leader is to manage BCNH clinical training and meet with student practitioners on a regular basis to monitor and discuss their progress throughout their clinical training.

After graduating from Royal Holloway University of London with a BA in Drama and Theatre studies and completing her post graduate actor training at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts, Zahra worked as an actress; a profession within which maintaining great health and stamina was of paramount importance! This grew into a passion for nutrition and fascination with the workings of the body, as well as with arts. In 2013, Zahra enrolled in the BCNH Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Therapy course and graduated with distinction in 2018. Zahra also  practices Nutritional Therapy in north London.  

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