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BCNH Advisory Board Members

The BCNH Advisory Board (AB) comprises a group of experts from different walks of life. The AB meet with key members of the BCNH team on an annual basis to provide impartial advice with regards to business issues such as college direction, student services, marketing, college expansion, etc. We have implemented numerous positive changes as a result of the AB recommendations.

Meet the Lecturers-Ben Brown ND

Ben Brown ND

Ben is a naturopath, science writer and speaker. He is a regular lecturer for BCNH and frequently delivers continuing professional development courses on integrative and lifestyle medicine as well as contributing regularly to industry magazines and journals. Ben also works in nutraceutical research and development.
Glen Matten MSc

Glen Matten MSc

Glen holds a Masters Degree in Nutritional Medicine and has run successful clinics across the UK for over a decade. Glen is an award-winning author of three books, The 100 Foods You Should Be Eating (an ode to his predilection for good food), The Health Delusion (a commitment to bringing rock-solid health advice to the general public) and the Sirt Food Diet. Glen also manages the nutrition for a range of high profile professional athletes, including heavy weight boxing champion David Haye. 

Clive Wratten

Clive Wratten

Clive has been in the travel and aviation industry for over 25 years and he is currently CEO for a corporate and business travel management firm. For many years Clive had little knowledge of nutrition, but that all changed when he met his wife, who is a BCNH qualified Nutritional Therapist. Clive is passionate about making the principles of nutrition more acceptable and he is delighted to be assisting BCNH in this objective.

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