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BCNH Newsletter December 2018

As we are approaching Christmas, this December’s newsletter will be focusing on environmental pollution & detoxification for a healthy start to the new year.  We have several interesting articles from both Ben Brown ND and Dr Shania Lee about practical ways to approach detoxification and how genetics play a role in its pathways. Our December newsletter also includes […]

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BCNH Newsletter – September 2018

Our latest instalment of the BCNH Newsletter focuses on the importance of restful sleep, with several interesting articles, including one from Emma Beswick of Lifecode Gx on Genes and Sleep.  We are also delighted to announce our Students of the Year and have included an enlightening interview with the BCNH Principal, Breda Gajsek.    September articles and […]

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BCNH Newsletter March 2018

Our latest instalment of the BCNH Newsletter presents an article on Irritable Bowel Syndrome for IBS Awareness Month in April, focusing on the causes, symptoms and management of the digestive disorder and includes contributions from a number of graduates. March 18 articles and features include: IBS – What Lies Beneath? By Melissa Marston Food in Season […]

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