Graduate Success Stories

Graduate Success Stories

Our training will provide you with the best possible start to your career in nutrition.  We are very proud of the work our graduates are doing and, in recognition of the 20th anniversary of BCNH, would like to showcase the careers of some of our graduates. We hope that these inspiring Graduate Success Stories will highlight the growing range of opportunities for a career in this field.  

Graduate success stories Alia Almoayed

Alia Almoayed

“What I love most about my job is that I don’t see it as a job at all. It’s my passion and I’m grateful every day that I get to do what I love and still make a living out of it. Thank you BCNH for starting that spark that set me off on this exciting path.”

Alia qualified from BCNH in 2006 and now runs a nutrition consultancy in the Kingdom of Bahrain, serving the Middle East community.  Alia initially started her business from home, however it was the opening of a small office in Hamala that really started her journey to success.  Although Alia studied with BCNH in English, her consultancy is now aimed at an Arabic speaking audience and she has become a major media personality in the Middle East.  Starting with a small programme for Bahrain TV, Alia’s office has now become a filming studio and she has her own YouTube channel with over 181K subscribers.  Alia is also a best-selling author and offers online courses, through Alia Academy, as well as health retreats outside of Bahrain for Arabic-speaking women.   Alia has purposefully focused her career upon mass awareness and education, rather than private consultations, to bring much-needed health and nutrition advice to a new audience.
Graduate success stories

Justine Bold

After experiencing a number of health issues, Justine decided to leave her career in advertising and marketing to retrain with BCNH.  Graduating in 2005, Justine worked in private practice and on a number of community health projects in London before embarking on an academic career with the University of Worcester in 2008.  Now a Senior Lecturer in Nutritional Therapy, Justine leads postgraduate nutrition modules at the University of Worcester and is also Programme Director of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the Centre for Medical Education in Cardiff University’s medical school.  Justine is also a prolific writer and has published many health-related books, journal articles and conference papers, as well as contributing to many TV and radio programmes, including BBC2’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor and Radio 4’s Today programme.  With a personal experience of infertility and a 12 year journey to motherhood, this is a topic that is close to Justine’s heart.  She has edited a book on infertility and IVF, exploring how nutrition can impact fertility and including patient experiences, and is working towards a PhD exploring the lived experience of illness and infertility and integrative approaches.  Justine also continues to work part time in clinical practice and is a member of the Nutritional Therapy Education Commission’s (NTEC) accreditation committe

Graduate success stories Tanya

Tanya Cohen

“Being a nutritional therapist and seeing the difference that nutrition can have on people who have suffered years with symptoms or chronic conditions is very rewarding.  Although people may suffer from the same disease, each person is unique and will respond differently and have different requirements – no day is ever the same which keeps my job endlessly interesting! With new research coming out so regularly, there is always something new on the horizon; always more to learn and therefore, always more to give to help people feel better!”

Tanya came to BCNH to complete our dedicated clinical training year, after studying for an undergraduate degree in Nutrition at Oxford Brookes University, and now has a thriving private practice.  Tanya mainly works with London based clients, but does have an international client base, primarily from Florida (where she works alongside a Functional Medicine doctor), but also from Israel, South America and a few countries in Europe.  As well as providing one-to-one consultations, Tanya helps clients to put her recommendations into practice, taking them shopping to show them how to shop for healthy foods – e.g. what to look out for and how to replace what they are used to, with a suitable alternative.   Tanya also advises corporate clients and holds interactive workshops in schools, emphasising a proactive approach, using nutrition as a preventative measure.  Although Tanya sees clients with an array of different health issues, from the beginning her practice has had a strong focus on clients with gastrointestinal disease; driven in part by her own diagnosis of Crohn’s disease.  Since the start of 2020, she has been working more frequently with acutely and chronically ill patients (through doctor referral) who are in and out of hospital.   Since the COVID-19 outbreak, this work is ongoing and expanding, with most individuals Tanya has been advising requiring regular monitoring.  Tanya exemplifies the ability of nutritional therapists to work within a multi-disciplinary team; in addition to working closely with her client’s doctors, she also works with a CQC registered nurse, a physiotherapist, personal trainers and a clinical psychologist.  Tanya has also recently been nominated as patient lead on a study, led by Professor Qasim Aziz (a neurogastroenterologist), to develop a medical device for nausea.  Her role is mainly advisory, as a communicator between ‘subjects’ and the researchers, to guide the research from the patient perspective.   

Graduate success stories Kirsty

Kirsty Cullen

“I encourage anyone with a passion for health and nutrition to follow their intuition and study with BCNH. My years of study at BCNH provided a wealth of new intellectual challenges and a true conduit for both self-investment and self-development. This hard work ultimately resulted in a wonderful career, with so many exciting opportunities, in an industry that I am genuinely passionate about.”

Kirsty graduated from BCNH in 2014, establishing Crosemere Nutrition Clinic in Shropshire.  Like the majority of our students and graduates, Kirsty’s journey to retraining with BCNH began with a desire to help a loved one.  Her second child suffered from a variety of health issues as a small baby, including eczema, prompting Kirsty to research how nutrition may help alleviate her suffering.  The simple changes she made to her daughter’s diet had amazing results and led Kirsty to leave behind her career in executive recruitment and retrain with BCNH.  Since graduating, Kirsty has embraced a number of different career opportunities.  She has worked within the corporate wellness sector and has also undertaken a number of roles within professional football, working as a nutritional therapist at St George’s Park National Football Centre (assessing and advising football managers and elite athletes on health and nutrition) and working as lead nutritional therapist at Derby County Football Club (establishing an umbrella nutrition strategy for the club and providing one-to-one advice to first team and academy players).  Her principal role at present is as Director of Nutrition at the award-winning The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC) – one of the world leading integrative clinics, specialising in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Fibromyalgia.   Kirsty has worked with the OHC since she was studying with BCNH, at first as part of the nutrition support team and now as Director of Nutrition.   Working for the OHC takes up the greatest proportion of Kirsty’s working week and has also provided her with the opportunity to get involved in the development and future planned execution of a randomised controlled trial currently being undertaken by the clinic, aimed at testing the efficacy of OHC approach.

Graduate success stories Charlotte DeBeugny

Charlotte DeBeugny

“My career change from finance to food (!) was one of the best moves I have ever made. The most useful advice I was ever given is to ‘listen’. Listening will help you to adapt the latest nutrition advice to suit your client’s needs, designing personalised nutrition and diet strategies which perfectly meet their objectives!”

Since graduating from BCNH, Charlotte’s business has gone from strength to strength. Based in Paris, Charlotte is a bilingual nutritionist, providing tailored dietary and nutrition advice to support individual clients, delivering corporate workshops and talks and providing expert opinion and recipes. Charlotte is also a prolific author, having published 7 books on nutrition and health. In order to grow her practice in France, Charlotte went on to complete a Masters degree in Food, Nutrition & Health.
Graduate success stories Claudia Le Feuvre

Claudia Le Feuvre

“What I love most about being a Nutritional Therapist is the wide range of opportunities it brings, from helping individuals with diverse issues, to developing health related products, collaborating with fellow health professionals, writing, and speaking.”
Claudia is one of our many graduates with an international presence, working from clinics in London, Spain and Gibraltar. Since graduating from BCNH in 2006, Claudia has gained a wealth of experience in clinical practice and her career is a shining example of the range of opportunities open to a registered nutritional therapist. Claudia is an experienced public speaker, delivering presentations, workshops and seminars to diverse audiences. She has worked with corporate clients (including Credit Suisse, William Hill, O2, MBNA Bank and the Bedfordshire Police Force), regularly features in the UK press, and works on residential retreats in Spain. Since training with BCNH, Claudia went on to complete the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice program with the Institute of Functional Medicine and qualified as an Eating Psychology Coach with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating (University of Colorado). Using her experience and expertise, Claudia has developed a unique nutritional and cutting-edge psychological approach using powerful techniques and strategies to help women lose weight, strengthen their confidence and minds, and be free from unwanted eating patterns such as binge eating, overeating and yo-yo dieting. She also returns to BCNH every year to share her expertise on eating psychology with our final year students. In addition to individual consultations, Claudia offers a range of online group packages and programmes. More recently, Claudia co-founded Mighty Green, supplying CBD oil and products.
Graduate success stories Naomi Goldman

Naomi Goldman

“What I love most about my job is that I feel I am making a difference. I am in a unique position as I am able to both talk and sign and therefore am able to cater and communicate with both hearing and deaf people at the same time. I am so happy that I made the career move to study nutrition and thank you to BCNH for giving me a solid foundation on which I am able to build my career on.” 

Naomi is a relatively recent graduate of BCNH, graduating in 2018, however we feel she is worthy of a place in our graduate success stories for her work with the deaf & hard of hearing community. Naomi works with hearing clients but as the only deaf nutritionist, she also provides accessible advice and support to the deaf. Based in London and Berlin, Naomi offers one-to-one consultations, events and workshops. She has given talks at organisations such as the Jewish Deaf Association and the Cambridgeshire Deaf Association. Naomi is active in the media having been interviewed and has already been approached by a film company. Since the COVID-19 crisis, like many practitioners, Naomi has had to adapt her business to working online and is running a series of cookery and nutrition workshops available to all viewers and also accessible for sign language users, lip readers, and caption users (in the pipeline), supporting people with hearing loss to eat more healthily.

Graduate success stories Pilar Manzanaro

Pilar Manzanaro

“Working as a nutritionist and helping people balance their health has to be one of the most rewarding jobs there are. Working with men and women trying to start a family, involves a fair amount of science as it is a field where research is continuously evolving,  but it has a very creative side too when it comes to making the best recommendations for each individual client”

Like many of our students and graduates, Pilar’s interest in the impact of diet on long-term health began just before the birth of her first child.  She enrolled with BCNH immediately after her second child was born, studying whilst raising her family and graduating after child number three!  Pilar now runs a successful practice, specialising in supporting women’s health and fertility as well as in children’s nutrition.  As well as consulting with clients in person or online, Pilar also works with an Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) health coach to support her clients and a chef to create delicious recipes to address her client’s conditions in the most natural way, through food.  Pilar and her team also deliver cooking and nutrition workshops for children and adults, as well as corporate events.  Pilar has also appeared on Sky news, sharing her knowledge and expertise on issues related to childhood obesity.  In May 2020, Pilar embraced the move to online working by offering clients a 4 week online programme to natural hormonal balance, providing live and recorded webinars, Q&A sessions, expert guest speakers and a variety of resources such as recipes, shopping lists and menu planners.  Pilar is also nearing completion of the IFM practitioner certification programme, having completed all seven modules and case study, and will be sitting the final exam in November 2020.

Graduate success stories Kerry Munson

Kerry Munson

“What I love most about my job is working with clients who have been told that recovery isn’t possible, which in most cases simply isn’t true. I love the detective work we do together to uncover the root causes of their illness. This awareness fills them with hope and conviction that they can regain their health. It is incredibly rewarding to help people start living their lives again”

Kerry graduated in 2007 and began working with BCNH as an Academic Tutor whilst establishing her own private practice.  As her practice grew, Kerry left behind her tutoring role to focus on one-to-one client work and now specialises in fatigue, stress and digestive conditions.  Like many graduates, Kerry’s career journey has been heavily influenced by her own personal experience, having spent more than 20 years with unexplained fatigue and digestive issues, which she has now recovered from following years of extensive research. This puts her in a unique position to support clients with their recovery from these conditions. In 2018, Kerry completed The Chrysalis Effect Specialist Practitioner training for M.E., CFS and Fibromyalgia.  Kerry also has a BSc in Psychology and is an accredited Wellbeing Coach, which allows her to tackle the behavioural and lifestyle issues that impact health and recovery. Tackling all emotional and nutritional causes ensures that no stone is left unturned in the recovery process. She uses Genetic Testing and Stool Analysis to identify functional causes of illness and then combines Nutritional Therapy and Wellbeing Coaching protocols to create personalised recovery plans to help her clients achieve their health goals.

Graduate success stories Lorraine Nicolle

Lorraine Nicolle

“What I love most about my job is the ‘detective work’. Nutritional therapy is all about delving deeply into the client’s life history and individual biochemistry in order to reveal the root causes of his/her ill health. This can be painstaking work but is hugely rewarding when, after engaging with the nutrition plan, the client reports they feel better than they have done in years.”

Leaving behind a successful career in business and marketing management, Lorraine decided to retrain with BCNH, and has now been in clinical practice for 17 years.  She sees clients both face to face and by way of video consultations; and she particularly enjoys working with individuals who have chronic, long term conditions like gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmune conditions, hormonal issues (including menopausal problems) and musculoskeletal complaints.  Following her BCNH graduation, Lorraine went on to do a MSc in Nutrition and Chronic Illness at Middlesex University / CNELM, followed by a post-grad teaching certificate and since then, additional training with the Institute of Functional Medicine.  Lorraine has undertaken various teaching roles in nutrition, including 5 years at the University of West London.  Currently, she delivers regular lectures to BCNH students, in addition to lecturing on nutritional therapy degree and diploma courses at other colleges.  She has been working with Lamberts Healthcare for 12 years, writing all their CPD lectures for practitioners and delivering the London-based events.  Lorraine has author-edited three books on personalised nutrition (Biochemical Imbalances in Disease, The Functional Nutrition Cookbook and Eat to Get Younger) and she is the series editor for a new set of books for practitioners.  This series includes Mitochondria in Health and Disease by Ray Griffiths; and Case Studies in Personalised Nutrition by Angela Walker.

Graduate success stories Tracy Randell

Tracey Randell

“For anyone considering a career in nutrition – absolutely do it, the nutrition field is so exciting and fast paced, you are constantly learning and it feels wonderful to be able to significantly improve the quality of someone’s life.  It’s the best job in the world!”

Leaving behind a successful career in the travel industry, Tracey qualified from BCNH in 2008 and immediately began seeing clients in clinical practice.   In 2011, Tracey founded IBS Clinics in London, operating from several locations and focused on helping sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), as well as other gut and digestive disorders.  Since specialising in this area, her business has gone from strength-to-strength, with three other BCNH graduates now working alongside Tracey.   Like many graduates, Tracey continued to further her education, becoming an Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) Certified Practitioner in 2016 and attending numerous additional training courses in specialist areas.  She now enjoys sharing her wealth of research and experience in gut disorders with students and fellow practitioners, lecturing for BCNH students and also delivering masterclasses in the management of small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and IBS to other nutrition professionals.  Tracey also delivers corporate seminars and has presented at business travel industry conferences on traveller wellness.

Graduate success stories Stephanie Ridley

Stephanie Ridley

What I love most about my work is when a client listens and understands to what I have told them, goes away and applies it and then comes back beaming for the progress they have made and what they have achieved. It is rewarding to be part of that journey with someone, and you know they then have that knowledge, and belief in it, for life.”

After graduating in 2009, Stephanie worked as an Academic and Clinical Tutor at BCNH before setting up Nourish to Flourish, a private nutrition consultancy in London, where she worked with clients with a range of health concerns, ran corporate-based workshops and provided product development for a number of brands. In 2015, she teamed up with a chef and set up a nutrition and recipe development consultancy, working with some top brands including Planet Organic, Le Creuset, Smartypants supplements and Tesco Baby Club.  Stephanie also wrote for magazines including Men’s Health and Women’s Fitness, and was featured in Sian Williams’ book ‘Rise, Surviving & Thriving after Trauma’, after working with Sian on nutrition for healing and recovery. In 2017 Stephanie decided to specialise in sports nutrition and secured a full-time nutritionist role at Arsenal FC where she has been for the last three seasons. Working alongside the club doctors, physios, strength & conditioning coaches and psychologists, Stephanie provides both one-to-one and team nutrition support to the U23 and U18 squads and the women’s First team. She has recently completed level 7 Diploma in Performance Nutrition to further develop her knowledge in this field.

Graduate success stories Laura Stirling

Laura Stirling

“A career in nutrition has enhanced my life in ways I didn’t know were possible: alongside improving my own health & wellbeing, and that of friends, family and, of course, clients, working in laboratories was not something I’d ever envisaged doing! Plus becoming an educator (again – not part of my original life plans) and having the flexibility to set up my own business combining all these areas have been both hugely enjoyable and professionally fulfilling.   As awareness around the importance of nutrition expands, so does the role of the nutritional therapist, and the opportunities from here are endless.”

Laura graduated from BCNH in 2008 and immediately began a more unusual career path, working as Practitioner Support at Genova Diagnostics Europe (a global leader in laboratory testing). Within this role, Laura applied the knowledge gained from her BCNH training to support other practitioners in the choice and interpretation of functional and biochemical tests for clients.  Since then, Laura has undertaken further studies with the Institute of Functional Medicine and has become an expert in her field.  She is now Head of Clinical Education at Regenerus Laboratories, running practitioner webinars and interviewing industry experts for the company’s educational material.  Alongside this, Laura has had her own private practice and recently established the Applied Functional Medicine Mentoring Programme (AFMMP) with two nutrition colleagues to help other practitioners build their confidence in practice.
Graduate success stories Sarah Trimble

Sarah Trimble

“I would advise anyone looking to start a career in nutrition to choose a college (such as BCNH) that will help you develop the skills and confidence to analyse and critique current nutritional research. I think this is the most important skill that will enable you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of nutritional science.”

Like many of our students, Sarah did not have a science background when she started her studies at BCNH.  With an undergraduate degree in English and History and a master’s degree in Marketing, Sarah’s passion for food and cooking combined with an interest in evidence-based complementary healthcare led her to change direction and retrain with BCNH, graduating in 2013.  Sarah’s strong academic skills were put to good use when she joined the BCNH team as a Year 3 Tutor, supporting students in the development of their ability to critique nutrition research and in their clinical skills.   Sarah remained a valued member of the team for four years before deciding to dedicate all of her time to growing her one-to-one client business.  Sarah currently offers nutritional consultations from a multi-disciplinary clinic and health food store in Belfast, Framar Health, and has a particular interest in using nutritional therapy to support female hormone balance, skin health and autoimmune conditions.  A marathon runner herself, Sarah also provides nutritional advice and tips for fellow runners on the Belfast City Marathon website.  She is also a regular contributor to BBC Radio Ulster, offering insight into nutritional issues in the news, and has recently started working with the charity Fertility Network UK to deliver a series of webinars on the role of nutrition in supporting fertility and reproductive health.