Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

BCNH is one of the leading Nutritional Therapy colleges in the UK, delivering BSc (Hons) in Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine.

Currently, we have the following job opportunities:

  1. Academic Administrator (part-time). Candidates must have a BSc (Hons) or a higher qualification and excellent communication skills
  2. Academic Skills Module Leader – see the Job description here
  3. Nutritional Biochemistry Module Leader – see the Job Description  here.
  4. Anatomy & Physiology Module Leader – see the  Job Description here.
  5. Food Processing, Macro-& Micro-Nutrients – see the Job Description here.
  6. Nutrition Throughout the Lifecycle – see the Job Description here.

Please email your CV to the college Principal, Breda Gajsek, at

Job opportunities