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Introduction to 21st Century Nutrition


Discover how recent findings in this exciting subject have turned traditional understandings of nutrition on their head.

In this series of 3 lessons our Guest Lecturer, Ben Brown, will explore:

  • How nutrition can transform your genetics and physiology
  • Why the way we think about calories, fat, protein and sugar has changed
  • The nutritional secrets of the healthiest and longest-lived cultures

Course fee: £55
(the fee includes over 150 minutes of video-recorded lessons and accompanying slides)

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Nutrition basics Benjamin

About the Lecturer


Benjamin is an Australian trained Naturopath with a range of educational, clinical and technical experience. During his career, Benjamin has lectured for thousands of health care professionals internationally, taught in various colleges, worked in technical research and maintained a clinical practice. An experienced speaker, Benjamin has conducted training programs and seminars on various topics, in particular evidence-based and integrative approaches to the management, as well as treatment and prevention of commonly encountered health problems.

Nutrition basics v2

Lesson 1 – Food as Medicine

The ancient idea that food is medicine has moved to the forefront of healthcare today. We are in the midst of an epidemic of diet-related illnesses and research is uncovering just how powerful dietary change can be.

Lesson 2 – Contains Calories, Fat, Protein and Sugar

Some of the most controversial areas of nutrition are those surrounding calories, fats, protein and sugar. We bust the cholesterol myth, expose trans fats, explore why a calorie is not a calorie, examine plant vs. animal protein, and uncover the effects of sugar on the body.

Lesson 3 – Secrets of the Healthiest and Longest Lived People

Traditional dietary practices are informing modern nutrition in ways that are insightful and immediately relevant in the modern world. Why do some cultures enjoy remarkably healthy and very long lives? We explore the nutritional science behind their wonderful food cultures.

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