Student Clinic Testimonials

We believe in making a difference

We asked our students’ clients to give us feedback on their experience by asking the following question:

“Reflecting on your nutrition consultation with a BCNH Student Practitioner, what were the most important aspects for you?” Please see their answers below:


‘For me the most important was to learn from Vanessa the reason why I need to change what I was eating and what I should introduce to my diet or eat / drink more. Along all the recommendations always came the explanation how our digestive system works better when we avoid foods that might harm our system and how to introduce new foods that will make the difference in our well-being’.


‘Having someone validate that adrenal fatigue may be the core problem for me.’


‘I feel my time with Anja was invaluable – my anxiety levels have decreased. I have commenced the supplement programme Anja recommended and I have noticed a difference in my skin, hair, fatigue levels and general well-being. I feel that have learnt so much about all the necessary vitamins and minerals and as the result my health has improved massively’.
‘I really would like you to know just how much you have changed my life. I have broken through the cycle of mood swings that have dogged so much of my adult life. The whole programme has been transformational and not one part of it feels like a deprivation. Not only have I experienced great weight loss, lessening of anxiety, sleeping well and control of cravings – all of which we set out to address, but the biggest benefit has got to be the sense of well being that I continually feel. It is just a general level of joy that I have never enjoyed before’.


‘Learning how the foods I was eating affected my arthritis, I made dietary changes and my pain is now gone’.


‘Reducing histamine foods and pollutants has made a significant difference to my asthma.’


‘Cutting sugar and dairy out of my diet as I have seen a big difference in my bloating and energy levels’.


‘I gained knowledge about various foods and supplements. My current cholesterol result is an improvement considering I have been on holiday for 2 weeks’.


‘My diet changes and supplement programme have 100% helped my constipation and I am so grateful’.
‘Kate made me realise that with a little diet change I can improve my digestive system and become more regular and don’t need laxatives to help. With the suggestions she made I already improved and my tummy feels more comfortable’.


‘Zahra’s description of the chemical pathways that link certain minerals to serotonin production, etc. was super illuminating. It made me click that the body needs certain things and I should provide them’.


‘The most important part has been knowing what could potentially be the cause of my persistent diarrhoea and knowing what I could do to help reduce/stop it, plus knowing what my body was lacking in terms of nutrition. Having supplements recommended to me that were going to be beneficial, rather than guessing myself from reading a label was also important’


‘I am trying to eat less and exercise more. There were many foods that I thought were healthy for me when in fact they were not.  I have halved my dosage of Metformin (on medical advice)’.
Sarah’s consultations have done more in a few months than over a decade of NHS review. Truly astonishing benefits. The holistic approach was something I had not considered and was very illuminating (especially on the HPA issues). The health insights and analysis arising from the very detailed analysis of history, food diary and test results were excellent. Adopting the recommended changes and actions has brought impressive improvements in a matter of weeks.  Explanations and actions were very clearly explained and justified. The results already speak volumes about this approach.


‘I am now far more aware when making meal choices about what types of food I should concentrate on integrating into my diet on a daily basis. Overall, I have noticed a positive change to my general health and well-being and also felt the more negative effects when I deviate from the suggested foods and supplements.’
‘The most important aspects of my time spent with Lucy was a deeper understanding of how my diet and lifestyle contribute to my fatigue, joint pain and stress levels. Visual and written data coupled with detailed verbal discussion has really helped me make positive changes to my diet and lifestyle where possible’.
‘I was educated about foods & balanced diet and I now appreciate the effect of different foods & supplements’.
‘Learning about nutrition and getting functional tests done was extremely helpful to me’.
It has been really good to have someone with an in depth understanding of all the physiological pathways to overview my health issues, and offer a comprehensive holistic plan, as opposed to the piecemeal approach that I have been offered in the past’.
‘I feel I that I now know better myself and my body. Furthermore I realised the importance of protein and I make sure that I receive the required daily amount for my activities’.
‘As a result of my consultation with Lucille I have taken up more sport – I am enjoying activities such as boxing and cycling. My sleep has also been much better and I no longer wake up at night; I would say I now sleep through the night 95% of the time’.
‘The most important aspects were that Lucy was able to help me analyse my own diet and highlighted that I needed more protein in my diet. The dietary changes that I’ve made that were based on her recommendations have helped immensely with my nausea / hunger’.
‘It has been great to completely reassess my diet and rethink the way I think about my food intake’.
‘The tailored approach Hannah took was brilliant and I also felt that her follow up emails were crucial to the processes’.
‘Example menus and written feedback have been very useful for planning nutritious meals and, when followed, I have most definitely seen a reduction in the health concerns I was most concerned with on my initial visit. Most importantly, I feel I have become more honest with myself and I am starting to show some respect towards my body, both physically and mentally’.
‘The tailored approach Hannah took was brilliant and I also felt that her follow up emails were crucial to the processes’.
‘Learning about my diet and the types of foods that affect me in a negative way. I’ve learned how to address the deficiencies in my diet and my health & well-being improved dramatically as the result’.
‘What helped me most is taking the time to really consider my overall health and diet (something I’d never done in depth) and having guidance and advice from someone on this. A bit like a health MOT!’
Adding protein to my diet gave me more energy and less hunger – I feel so much better now’.
‘Having someone who is trained take an objective look at my diet & lifestyle, and advising me on the steps I can take to improve my health, was most helpful’.
‘It is very easy to read do’s and dont’s of nutrition in women’s magazines but for me it often went in one ear and out the other as it did not explain why it was important to follow certain guidelines. The way Sarah explained it made it sink in and it has now become a way of eating for me that I will carry on’.
‘Doing 12 hour shifts in the hospital I felt that sometimes my breakfast was a bit rushed and not substantial enough. Victoria’s suggestion of protein smoothie was very helpful – it gives me so much energy and I feel that it makes me start the day well so I am more inclined to carry on healthily’.
‘Mary has been an amazing and very encouraging and supportive practitioner. She has thought about many different and feasible ways in which I could maintain my calcium levels when I eliminated dairy’
‘It was such a great insight to see the charts for fructose levels in different fruit and vegetables. I hadn’t appreciated that there was such a difference in levels between them. I now use the charts so that I can make sure I don’t consume those with too high levels’.
‘It has been great to hear about how important intake of essential fatty acids is for my diet.’
‘It was very helpful to learn about eating more oily fish and other omega-3 rich foods. It’s easy to think that you’re eating well when actually unhealthy habits have crept in’.


‘My eczema has been part of my life since a very young age. Kate helped me focus on elements that might be causing my eczema to flare up and work out which foods I might have to cut out or eat less of in my diet (I started eating at least one fruit a day and also cut down my alcohol intake). This made me realize that my eczema may never fully go away, but I can make a few changes to better manage it when my skin flares up.’


‘It’s been really useful to have an expert give me advice and tips and provide guidance. I’ve found it really interesting learning more about my diet and what can help my condition’.


‘Donna has given me an education and loaded me with so much knowledge I can take away and manage the fatigue myself. Very grateful!’


‘It has been very helpful to be informed of how I should be eating for optimum health while trying to conceive. It is so easy to get stuck into bad habits without realising, so seeing Mary has given me more of awareness of what I eat. Mary also gave me some very good ideas for family friendly meals’.


‘Identifying my wheat intolerance and reducing carbohydrates in my diet has had a huge impact on my health and well-being’.
‘A 7 day menu sample, lists of foods to avoid for gluten and wheat ad lists of foods rich in specific vitamins & minerals were very helpful to me’.
‘I know that it was a positive thing to eliminate dairy: it made me appreciate quite how much I relied on it as a component of my diet and although I cannot be sure how much it affected my psoriasis I think I felt a lot better when I was off it’.


‘It has been invaluable to have Mary look at the overall picture and recommend the various tests to gain a thorough understanding of what I could only make best intelligent guesses at, but not know for sure. It has also been invaluable to have a supplemental protocol to follow, which covers all aspects of what can be improved, vs just one or two aspects in isolation’.
‘I have found it hugely beneficial to learn the outcome of the various tests carried out, and how all these systems interact with one another.  I have long known that my body wasn’t working as well as it could, but was unable to do enough to help this myself.  I feel I have gained a level of knowledge about what is going on inside me, which validates a number of symptoms I’ve been experiencing over the years.  With chronic illness that last years, people often wonder aloud whether it’s really as bad as you say, or suggest politely that there’s nothing wrong with you.  Therefore, seeing some of the results in black and white gives me confidence that there are things out of balance, the potential impact of those, and that there’s ways to help address these issues. It has given me the confidence to trust my body and my instincts which is hugely important’.


‘I feel like just being able to talk to someone who could offer me other ideas of what might be causing the headaches was good’.


‘It has been really helpful to understand the links between food / bodily functions / blood pressure. I am confident I can now manage my health issues’.


‘Having the structured information and incentive to carry out food exclusion trials has been invaluable. If improvements in IBS symptoms are sustained through eliminating dairy, then this will have a positive impact on many aspects of my life. The information provided has been understandable, detailed and well presented’.
‘Audrey helped to find out exactly what my problem is (SIBO) and she helped me understand what that means and how it can be treated effectively’.
‘Finding out that my bloating was probably due to milk products was interesting. I was emailed ideas for eating, exercise and where to source ingredients, which was most helpful.’
‘Personally, I found learning about FODMAP’s really helpful as I was so confused about what foods were triggering my IBS before, but once Zahra explained the FODMAPs it totally made sense’.